Effectively cleans the registry and preserves your privacy
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RegSeeker can help you find specific entries and clean the registry. In addition, it includes other features intended to restore system health and preserve your privacy. The program has a nice interface in general terms; however, I feel some of its graphical elements may be confusing for the user at times.

The application supports searching the registry using keywords. Once the results are available, you can decide what to do, such as opening the selected items in Regedit, backing up and adding them to the exclusion list. This allows you to make decisions in relation to the software installed and running on your computer. In terms of optimization, the application can scan and eliminate defective entries in your registry.

To reduce the time your system needs to boot, the tool allows managing startup entries, which includes not only applications but services as well. Likewise, you can use the tool to uninstall the software that you do not need anymore. Moreover, the application has advanced tools that let you navigate and monitor the processes being executed. Finally, just as many other programs of the same type, this one can erase such traces of computer activity as Internet navigation and temporary files.

As a whole, I do not think RegSeeker has anything that is new or different from other similar tools. Unfortunately, I did not sense any real improvement in performance after applying the suggested changes. It also seems paradoxical to me that a tool intended to clean the registry leaves traces after its uninstall. In addition, there is always the risk of this type of tool damaging the system.

Pedro Castro
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  • Comprises many features to search and fix the registry as well as to manage startup entries and clean activity traces


  • I did not sense any real improvement in performance after using the tool.
  • Leaves traces in the registry after being uninstalled
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